Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Reading Round-Up

This has been a dismal month in terms of getting through books.  However, I continue to blame my progress on the abundance of fantastic blogs that eat into my reading time!  I also read the following weekly magazines and newspapers: People, US Weekly (yes, I do read some trash!), the New York Times Sunday edition; and the following monthly magazines: Company, Real Simple, Bark.  There is always something being read - even if it's not the books that I'm supposed to be plowing through!     

"Maybe a Miracle" by Brian Strause
        Despite 16-year-old Monroe Anderson's efforts to save his sister, Annika, from drowning, she slips into a coma.  Strange, "miraculous" events begin to occur.  Narrated by Monroe, "Miracle" tells the story of the following few years and how very differently each of his family members react to Annika's coma and the mysterious events occurring around her.

"Scent of the Missing" by Susannah Charleson - Recommended
        A memoir of the the author's experiences training Puzzle, her first search and rescue dog.  Not only is it interesting in terms of learning something about SAR dogs but it is a beautiful story of the love, trust and friendship that develops between Susannah and Puzzle.

"Abide With Me" by Elizabeth Strout
        This was a bit of a struggle.  I loved Strout's first book ("Amy and Isabelle") but this one took me a lot longer to get into.  Once I had a decent chunk of time to devote to it I enjoyed it but it's not the kind of book that should be read in little snatches here and there.  Strout's writing is beautiful and her books always have a strong sense of place - the town's they're set in often seem like characters in their own right.


Brandi said...

Thanks for the book reviews. I just love Star and Us trash mags as well!!! LOL!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing the...and I have my People subscription...need my mindless reading!

Chan said...

Thanks for this post, Jen! 'Scent of the Missing' sounds particularly interesting to me!