Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Hounds in Action

It always amuses me how seriously Atticus and Jem take playing ball.  They have a real routine when it comes to fetching and returning it.
Jem is ready to play some ball so he stalks it and shows me where it is. 
I throw it and usually Atticus gets to it first.  He carries it around for a bit, tormenting Jem, and then finally drops it.  Jem then gets the ball and he trots up the slope of the driveway with Atti close behind.
Then he gently puts the ball down...

..and holds it in place with his nose for a few moments.
Then he lets it go to roll down the hill to me.
"Uh, dude.  It didn't roll."
"Doh!  Okay, I'll try again."
Repeat the process a million times until Atticus gets tired and instead of dropping the ball for Jem he takes it up on the hillside, lays down and chews on the ball.
They really do lead tough lives...

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kasia c. said...

I LOVE the commentary!! They are so cute. I really want to get a second. We recently looked after a friend's dog and I think Stella is lonely now. :(

Jay Gee said...

Aren't they funny with their own quirks!

Kim S said...

Love them!! I bet Jem would be willing to stalk it for hours if you don't play right away! I know mine always wins our stare downs in the contest as to whether I am going to throw the ball yet again!

Diane Jaquay said...

So cool that your dogs are named Jem and Atticus, that is one of my favorite books and movies of all time :)