Friday, March 4, 2011

The Craft Cave

I've got a few pictures of the Craft Cave to show you.  I am very lucky to have such a great space to work in.  Luis built me a new bookcase last weekend so I did some tidying and reorganising (it does not usually look this neat in here!).  I almost feel like I'm sharing a dirty secret because you're going to see the extent of my stash hoarding.  Here we go:
The chest of drawers is full of punches, dies, markers, coloured pencils and paints.  On top are SU inks, Papertrey Ink stamps and drawers full of embossing supplies.
The desk is never normally this empty.  About 5 minutes after the photo shoot it was trashed again!
Scrap pile on top of the rolling cart.  I've since put all the scraps in a box as every time I opened the window they would blow everywhere.  It's a bit sad how many times I had to pick everything up off the floor before I finally got around to getting a box!
Scary huh?  The clear plastic drawers on the left are full of fabric.  Next to the stack of paper shelves the white drawers are full of stamps.  The grey storage containers on top are full of buttons, brads, eyelets, seed beads, etc.  The wooden bookshelf on the left houses cardstock, patterned paper, chipboard shapes, flowers, felt and cardboard scraps.  The wooden bookshelf on the right has magazines and more card stock and patterned paper.        
Love the ribbon organiser.  May get another one to put above it as those 2 clear plastic boxes are also full of ribbon.  The brown box is full of Stickles and other glitter products.  

Realistically, I shouldn't have to buy any supplies for the next 10 years!!!  So why do I always want more??  It's like a sickness.  Between the craft stash and my book collection I think I really have a problem.  (I recently worked out that if I keep reading at my current rate it will take me 25 years to read all the books in my house.  Terrifying).  Right.  I'm going to get off the computer and start putting a dent in the stash.  Wish me luck!


Emily Leiphart said...

Get out! I can't believe you have that much stuff!! At first, I was like, "Wow, look at all her ink!" Then I saw all your paper and my mouth hung wide open. LOL You are one lucky chicky to have Luis build you such a great bookcase for all that and to have such a great space to craft in! Thanks for sharing your Craft Cave, Jen. Someday I hope to have one, too. ;D

Lynn said...

Okay...I am not only moving in with you for the fabulous views....but now am coming for your craft cave too....heaven on earth!

Brandi said...

Just came across your craft cave post ad all I can say is "OH MY GOSH"! Paradise! I have never seen so many items in one place to play with! Oh wait, I have been to Michaels and AC Moore. LOL! You are one lucky girl!

~amy~ said...

ooohhh....thanks for sharing! I love to see everybody's creative space!!! I love your paper holder and the 2 towers of white drawers beside them...who makes that?

Don't you worry..we all have the same sickness of buying more and more..sigh..but it is soooo much fun:)

~amy~ said...

hey hey, remember when you linked up your crafty space over on my blog? I'm sending everybody that linked a little something...when you have a chance, will you email me your snail mail? I hope all is well, I noticed you haven't been blogging...